Interacting with the deployed smart contracts

Walk through on how to interact with an already deployed smart contract.

Now that Remix IDE is connected to the Mandala test network, we can interact with the smart contracts deployed on it. As you complete the setting up, you can take a look at the File explorers section. It should already include folders named contracts, scripts and tests, as well as REAMDE.txt.

We can use a very simple smart contract that is further explained in the tutorials section and is already deployed on the Mandala TC9 network. The smart contract is called Echo and it has one function that stores a value passed to it in a public variable, which we are able to get using it's getter function. In order to use Remix IDE to interact with it, we need to add it into the contracts folder. We do this by option-clicking onto the folder and selecting New file option. the file should be named Echo.sol. You can now copy-paste the following code into the file:

pragma solidity =0.8.9;

contract Echo{
    string public echo;
    uint echoCount;

    event NewEcho(string message, uint count);

    constructor() {
        echo = "Deployed successfully!";

    function scream(string memory message) public returns(string memory){
        echo = message;
        echoCount += 1;
        emit NewEcho(message, echoCount);
        return message;

As the smart contract compiles as expected, we need to point to the address to which it is deployed to. There is an instance deployed at 0x87c8Dc09548195A3B1222ab5c3905c01595D5516, so you can use this one. To use it, navigate to Deploy & run transactions tab and paste the address into the At Address section.

Once you click on the At Address button, you should see ECHO in the Deployed contracts section.

Once you expand the view, you can interact with the smart contract. If you select the echo getter, there will be no MetaMask confirmation needed, as no transaction is executed. If you select scream, then you should pass a string to it within the "" and confirm the transaction in MetaMask as the prompt appears.

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