Deploy smart contracts

Instructions on how to deploy a smart contract using EVM playgrounds

This entry assumes that you have already configured your Metamask to connect to Acala EVM+.

To deploy a smart contract using EVM playgrounds, you need to compile your smart contract in your preferred development framework so that you have the ABI bundle available to upload.

Upload the ABI bundle

Open the Upload tab in the EVM playgrounds. Here you can upload an ABI bundle of the smart contract that you want to deploy. This will allow you to use it to deploy the smart contract:

Assign the Name of your smart contract. You will be able to identify the smart contract in the Deploy tab with it, once it gets uploaded.

To upload the ABI bundle itself, you can either drag and drop it into the upload section, or click on the section and select the file.

Once you have selected the correct ABI bundle, the methods of the smart contract should be displayed. You can verify that the correct methods are listed and press Upload to upload the ABI bundle.

Deploy the smart contract

Smart contracts can be deployed under the Deploy tab of the EVM playgrounds.

The ABI bundles that you uploaded in the Upload tab can be seen here:

The methods available for an ABI bundle can be seen by expanding the ABI menu. This can be helpful if you have multiple bundles uploaded and you want to be sure that you will be interacting with the right one.

When you have verified that you are interacting with the ABI bundle that has the correct methods available, you can click Deploy, which should open a deployment interface:

The interface consists of the following components:

  • Button to connect to your EVM wallet (this is why connecting MetaMask to the EVM+ is a prerequisite for this entry)

  • Smart contract name, that can be changed, so you can deploy the same ABI bundle multiple times and easily differentiate between them

  • ABI bundle identifications

  • Fields to input the smart contract constructor parameters

  • Value field to determine wether to send some of the native currency with the deploy transaction

  • Fields to override the gas parameters

  • Deploy button to deploy the smart contract once you are satisfied with the deployment parameters

1. Connect your EVM wallet

The selected account should be displayed at the top of the page now:

2. Update the required deployment parameters

Depending on the requirements, you can modify the deployment parameters of your smart contract. It is required to fill out the constructor parameters, but modifying other values is optional.

Once the values are filled out and double checked, the smart contract is ready to be deployed.

The validUntil field value has to be higher than the current block number, or the deployment transaction will fail, due to the validator treating it as outdated. You can verify the current block number in a block explorer.

3. Deploy the smart contract

Once the parameters of deployment are ready, you can deploy the smart contract by pressing the Deploy button. This should prompt your EVM wallet to confirm your deployment transaction:

The deployed smart contract can now be seen in the Execute tab, which is further explained in the next entry.

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