Connecting to a public network with local RPC node
Instructions on how to setup local RPC node that connects to a public network
Running a local RPC node allows you for a greater reliability and availability. To be able to run it, you need to install the eth-rpc-adapter dependency:
yarn global add @acala-network/eth-rpc-adapter
Running the local RPC node requires the ENDPOINT_URL and SUBQL_URL values to be passed before startup:
eth-rpc-adapter -e [URL] --suql [URL]
Any of the values listed in the Network configuration section is valid. Select the network that you want to connect to and fill in the required values.
When your local RPC node is running, you can pass it as a network endpoint with the URL: http://localhost:8545.The node can now be used for deployment and interaction with the smart contracts as well as your gateway to interact with the network with a wallet like Metamask.
If you wish to learn more about the RPC adapter, you can find more info in the RPC adapter documentation.
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