Connecting to a public network with local RPC node

Instructions on how to setup local RPC node that connects to a public network

Except from connecting to local development network, we can also run a local RPC node connecting to public networks.

npx @acala-network/eth-rpc-adapter@latest \
  --endpoint <node-endpoint-ws-url> \
  --subql <subquery-url>

Node endpoints and subquery urls can be found in network configuration.

For example to connect to Mandala testnet:

npx @acala-network/eth-rpc-adapter@latest \
  --endpoint wss:// \

Also checkout the help command for more details

npx @acala-network/eth-rpc-adapter@latest --help

If you wish to learn more about the RPC adapter, you can find more info in the RPC adapter documentation.

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