Remix IDE

Introduction into using Remix IDE with Acala EVM+.

You can use the Remix IDE, online smart contract development IDE, to deploy and interact with your smart contracts on Acala EVM+. Prerequisite for using Remix with Acala EVM+ is that you have your MetaMask wallet connected to the network. If you haven't done it yet, you can follow the MetaMask setup guide.

Connecting Remix IDE to MetaMask

To connect the Remix IDE to your MetaMask, and subsequently to the Acala EVM+, you have to first go to Remix IDE and open the Deploy & run transactions tab.

Once the tab opens, locate the Environment menu and select the Injected Web3 option.

As you select the Injected Web3 option, MetaMask window should pop up and prompt you to select accounts that you want to connect to Remix IDE.

The second screen should provide which information is received by Remix and you can finally connect the two. Once you do, the account should appear in the side Deploy & run transactions menu, as well as it's balance.

Now that we are ready to use the Remix IDE, we can take a look on how to interact with the smart contracts that are already deployed on the network and how to deploy our own.

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