Acala at ETHDenver 2022 #BUIDLWeek

Join the EVM+ Workshop in-person & online during ETHDenver’s #BUIDLWeek

Beyond EVM: Building Sustainable dApps & L1 Networks With Acala Date/Time: Tuesday, Feb 15, 2022, 3:00pm — 5:00pm MST (10pm UTC) Location: 1134 Broadway (2nd Floor), Denver CO, 80203 In this workshop, you'll utilize familiar toolsets to deploy leading Ethereum DEX contracts while leveraging programmable DOT assets and cost-effective calls to Acala's native DEX, Acala Swap. Meet the team, pick up some Acala swag, and try for bounty rewards with our hands-on tutorial: Bounty 1
  • Objective: Deploy a DApp on Polkadot using Acala EVM+
  • Reward: $1000
Bounty 2
  • Objective: Deploy a DApp on Acala EVM+ that integrates with Acala's decentralized stablecoin, aUSD
  • Reward: $4000
Judging Criteria
  • Strength of aUSD stablecoin use case (25%) — Includes how much utility and demand the DApp creates for aUSD.
  • Originality, Creativity, and Innovation (25%) — Includes how new and novel the submission is versus existing technologies.
  • Technical Difficulty (25%) — Includes the level of skill or knowledge required to build the DApp.
  • User Experience (25%) — Includes how intuitive and understandable the submission is for potential users.